Sex Story


Son And His Mom Have Incest Sex

My mother is, to put it bluntly, a very sexy woman. At 46 she still turns
heads at the country club, malls, or wherever there is an appreciative male
audience. Because she takes extraordinary care of herself with diet and regular
sessions at the local gym, and because I look much older than my 27 years,
strangers often misinterpret our relationship. Out for dinner or a movie, Mom
and I are often mistaken for two people on a date! In fact, there have been
times when it could’ve been embarrassing if we both didn’t laugh it off.

Actually, I didn’t find it funny at all. When mom and dad divorced a
couple of years ago. she did a lot of dating, and I invariably hated those men.
I was always glad when she broke up with them and spent more time with me
again. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized I was more than just
routinely jealous of my mom’s affections....

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Daddys Lil Girl

She came sneaking in the house around midnight. She was tiptoeing to the stairs.
She knew she was supposed to be home two hours ago.
Surely daddy would be sleeping now and she could get in bed before he knew she did not make it home by curfew.
She put her foot on the bottom stair and then she heard him.
Little girl, where in the hell have you been? Do you know what time it is.
The breath she had been holding trying to make it upstairs, slowly came out with a long sigh.
She knew she was in trouble now.
Her hand came off the banister as she slowly turned to see daddy standing there in the shadows of the dining room.
He looked at her and told her to come here.
With her head lowered, she walked toward him.
When she reached him, he demanded to know where she had been and what she had been up to staying out past her curfew.
She looked at him with puppy dog eyes and told him she had just lost track of time. She told him that her and Steve had been listening to music and dancing at his house and she had not paid attention to the time.
When she had realized what time it was, she hurried home.
Biting her lower lip, she waited for his reply.
He just looked at her and told her to go sit at the table and wait for him. He told her he would be back in a few minutes....

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Making a Whore Out Of My Sister

Hi.. My name is dilip. My age is 20. I am from chennai. My sister’s name is akila. Her age is 19. She looks homely. Her face resembles that of vijay tv jodi no 1 VJ divyadarshini. If u dont know it search google for that. Her structure also looks the same. Her tits are small but smooth and sexy.

Once my parents were out for purchase. I and my sister were in home. My sister was taking bath. There was a problem with our bathroom latch that day. So she told me before entering. While she
was taking bath i suddenly had an urge to go in and look at her.

I opened the bathroom door slowly without sound. She was having a shower bath. She was facing the other side applying soap to her whole body. I could see her back and smooth ass that looked even more sexier with soap on it.

I went near her and hugged her suddenly. She jumped in shock and moved away. I saw her front. Her small boobs and the beautiful smooth hips. Her pussy had lots of hair over it. The hair was wet
and it had some soap also. She used her hands to cover her boobs. She had a terrified look in her face. She started shoutin “brother.. why did you come inside? Please go out. I m feeling embarassed”......

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Fun on a long haul flight

Samantha had been having a lot of erotic dreams lately, dreams of hot sex. Maybe it had been all the stress and excitement of moving to Canada, dreams can sometimes be a form of stress release.

In her dream she was on her way to Quebec, the long haul flight half way to its destination. The cabin lights were out and almost all the passengers of the half full plane were sleeping. The only sounds were the gentle drone of the engines and the intermittent snores. One of those snoring was her husband Carl, who sat to her right with his blanket pulled up to his chin. To the right of him lay their two month old baby daughter fast asleep in her special cradle. To the left of Samantha was a businessman is his early forties. Earlier they had chatted over dinner and he had told her that he was an advertising executive for a bank and was on his way to Quebec to take up a new post. He was tall and handsome and that glint in his eye told her that he was interested in her.

In her dream she had fallen asleep and his hand had slipped under her blanket to fondle her through her slacks. At first his touch was light as his fingers traced the outline of her vagina and then they began to press into her opening. She found herself instinctively parting her legs to allow his fingers greater access and he responded by pressing harder against her. She could feel her cotton panties touching her warm moist flesh as his fingers began rubbing her rhythmically. It wasn’t long before she found herself responding to his movements by pushing her mound against his hand. She also found herself softly moaning.....To be continued

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Sex with my cousin

I have always thought my two female cousins were hot. I’m a 14 y/o male. The first cousin is one year older and the other is two years older. They don’t live here so me and my family went to visit them one day. everyone else was downstairs except for me and the 15 y/o. She was playing on the laptop when she laid down and fell asleep. I saw her laying there and i started to get horny. I reached over and started touching her boobs but she woke up. I was terrified she tell everybody but she just ask what i was doing. I immeadiately began to apologize but she just walked away to her room. I was sitting on the couch still terrified when she came out of her room wearing nothing but a bra and leapord print panties. she told me to follow her, so i got up and followed her to her room, and she closed the door behind me. She asked if i really wanted to do something together and i said yes that i always had always liked her. She started to take her bra and panties off and told me to get naked. After I took my clothes off she came up to me real close and gave me a dirty look and put her hand on my penis. I started getting hard and she just looked me straight in the eye without saying anything and started wanking me! When I was fully erect she got on her knees and started sucking me off, it was the best feeling ever. After a few minutes she stopped and went to her bed and lay down and said to me come on then, stick it in. We had sex and she gave me another blowjob, and from then on everytime we had an alone moment we had sex she even told the other cousin and she ocasionally joined in!

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Frustrated husband has sex with mother-in-law

My name is Louise, at the time this happened I was forty-three, I was a widow of three and half years and I had a daughter, Eve. Eve had been married to Mark for five years, she was twenty four, she had a fabulous figure and was very pretty, Mark doted on her. Unfortunately about a year ago Eve started to become unwell, eventually she went into hospital a few months before my tale begins. Eve and I were very close and I knew that she and Mark led a very sexual life, both of them having very high sex drives, not surprising in her case as her father and I had been the same.

One afternoon I was visiting Eve in hospital and she said, ‘Mum, I’ve got something to say to you.’ She was obviously rather embarrassed but we had always been able to talk about most things, so I asked her to go on. She hesitatingly said, ‘Well, you know how Mark and I are…. well in bed, you know,’ I nodded and she went on, ‘well, I’ve been ill a long time and I’ve been worried about Mark, you know that he might stray because sex means so much to him.’ I demurred, but she said, ‘He’s a man Mum, men are more physical about sex than women are, he’s bound to be getting desperate.’ I knew what she meant, so I said, ‘So what do you think of doing about it?’ ‘Well, I don’t want him to pick up some woman, or even go to a prostitute, to relieve his frustration,’ she paused, then took a big breath and continued, ‘so I wondered if you would take my place?’ I must have looked astonished, I might have had a few libidinous thoughts about my son in law but there was no way I would ever have done anything. Then she astonished me even further by saying, ‘I know what Dad and you used to be like, you never really kept it a secret! So you must be as frustrated as I am, so what’s wrong with asking you to do something that I’ll bet you’ve had a few thoughts about doing anyway, but with my permission?’

Honestly, for one of the few occasions in my life, I was struck dumb! ‘Go on, Mum, say you’ll do it, this week’s a good time, Mark’s been away all week and I bet he’s been doing what he’s told me he always does when he’s away, you know, doing it himself! Please Mum.’

Well, I thought hard, what a proposition! And I didn’t realise that my only daughter knew me so well, I was certainly very tempted. In the end, looking at Eve pleading with her eyes, I said that I would. ‘Well,’ she said,’I know that I shan’t need to tell you what to do! I’m so glad, Mum, it’ll make Mark so relieved, no pun intended,’ she laughed, ‘and I shall feel so much happier knowing that he won’t have all those temptations while he’s away.’ We hugged and kissed, I stayed on for a while then left, I had to go to the supermarket to get something for dinner, I had been housekeeping for Mark ever since Eve had taken ill. бесплатно порно рекомендую всем посмотреть.Наши чудесные девушки голо подарят приятные мгновенья.В игровые автоматы играй тутвидеохххпорно